The suitable lenses for wedding photography

Wedding photos are one of the unique combinations of photography because they include fashion, portrait, architectural photos, family and children’s photos and sometimes even travel photography so you need some preparation to do before the show begins. Even you as a photographer will be more extra work because starting from shooting when pre-wedding and wedding photography until closing.

To help wedding photos look more optimal, then you need a capable camera. One of the most important components of the camera is the lens section. For simplicity, the following 6 lenses you need to prepare.

Lens L II USM 70-200mm f / 2.8

Using the lens will produce beautiful bokeh (blur) if you are set on f2.8 and you can compress with the image zoom reaches 150-200mm. The image will look amazing and cannot be obtained by zooming in on other cameras. With these lenses, you can get a closer moment without having to disturb the sacred moments of the moment.

50mm f / 1.2 lens

This lens will help you to get stunning picture results. Especially when the day is getting dark then you can follow the picture for the background. Here the thing you need is a flash on the camera so the image will look smoother, and natural impressed. With 50mm it will produce stunning portraits plus a low aperture.

Lens L II USM 24-70mm f / 2.8

These lenses are usually widely used for narrow places or spaces as examples of traditional teatime customs such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Using 70-200 was not suitable because the situation is too close. Even with 50mm, there is not enough flexibility because the room does not provide enough motion.

USM Macro Lens for Canon SLR Cameras, 100mm f / 2.8

Well, for this section may be costly and very suitable for use for brides who have the high budget, then you can use 100mm to produce images resembling an advertisement photo in a magazine.