Some side effects of video game addictions that you must know

Playing games will involve the activities of the eyes, mind, and body, playing games for too long can cause the eyes, hands, back, and brain to become very tired. Which eventually this body member sends a signal to the brain, then suddenly a headache will appear. In the meantime, visit Online Games is One website if you want to get free jackpot party coins.

Playing games for 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours or even more, it will make the head dizzy. This is felt especially when waking up from the seat, which then has a headache like losing control, even feeling like fainting.

Animated images in games that are too fast, become one of the factors that cause dizziness when playing games, especially if the stomach condition is hungry, then the head can be really dizzy after 2 hours of play.

Makes Yourself Isolated

The negative impact of playing games also causes a person to isolate themselves. This is because playing games continuously so that it just stays at home or internet cafe. This has never made it out for a walk with friends or family.

Even worse, sometimes gamers like to just be friends with gamers too, this causes gamers to generally be lazy to socialize with people in the neighborhood.

However, someone in this life must know each other with his neighbors on both sides.

That is because if there is anything, the closest person who can do help quickly is the neighbors around.

So even if you are a person who likes to play games, make sure you and your right-left neighbors know each other.

The nature of corruption appears

Playing games turns out to be provoking because the soul is too serious about gameplay.

They assume that playing the game is like real life, an activity that must be proud of when winning and must be regretted even stressful if you lose it continuously.

Though gameplay on computers, laptops or gadgets is just entertainment that is used to fill your free time or boredom. Too serious playing games can trigger the nature of hate.

Therefore do not be too serious about playing games, condition the soul in a happy state when playing the game.