The core of SEO and its backlink

If I may say, the essence of SEO is in the backlink. The higher, the more backlinks are planted, the more our web ranking will increase. However, remember our backlinks also have to be quality. It doesn’t come from entering the link, especially on the website p * r * or j * d1 it is strictly prohibited, and other websites like that. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact seo company nyc if you need a boost in your SEO efficiency.

However, if your website discusses the Long Tail Keyword (especially that? Patience … hehe) with a large number of articles, for example, 300 and above, you don’t have to worry about backlinks.

Because, as long as your article is from the research results of the Long Tail Keyword and its articles are long and quality, so it’s very easy to rank 1 on Google.

But, if your website is a company/service profile web, which is automatically not much there is not even content/article in it just the same profile page, then a quality backlink is very absolute.

For example, you target haircut services, then automatically you need a lot of backlinks to rank your web because your keywords are general and your website has no articles in it.

Different matters if the keyword is the male haircut service in Kulon Progo, even though there are no articles, it will be easy for you to rank the keywords because it is more specific. So, besides the article, the keyword is also important.

The backlink

Before you know what is a backlink, do you know what the link is? It’s easy if the word/sentence can be clicked and leads to another page that has the name link. Well, the backlink itself is a link from another website which, when clicked on the backlink, leads to our website. There are many types of clicks, such as comment blogs, blogrolls, links on articles, etc. I will not discuss the details here, God willing, I will discuss in another article.

So, backlinks are tricks on how to make other websites want to promote our website by putting our web link on their website.