Make Photobooth As Souvenir? Consider This!

Providing photo booths for invited guests will certainly add a good impression and provide added value to the excitement of the event, but if you make the photo booth as the only thank you souvenir for the invited guests, it is better to reconsider.

Below are the things that need to be considered before making the photobooth the only souvenir in a party event. You can add some other souvenirs besides photobooths from photobooth jakarta utara.

Not all guests who come to an event represent themselves, there are also those who come as representatives of an agency or company or even some who become individual representatives. As representatives, usually after returning from the event, they will give souvenirs and thank you cards to the parties they represent. It would be uncomfortable if the souvenirs that were handed over were to photograph yourself because there would be a sense of shame especially the party represented was the company.