The vaporizer is very popular these days

The popularity of electronic cigarettes or better known as vape / vapor is indeed on the rise, this can be seen from the increasing number of vapor shops, both offline and online stores, which are not only available in big cities, but nowadays. penetrate into remote areas. Aside from that, we also want to remind you to also learn how to turn concentrates into e-liquid.

This indeed has a positive impact on conventional smokers, they are flocking to switch to using electric cigarettes that are claimed to be safer because they are believed to have no TAR content (chemical residues in the smoke from the combustion), and smokers can still feel the pleasure of steam vape coming out from their mouths

However, actually, vape can also be dangerous if we don’t know how to use a vape that is good and right. You must have heard that there were several cases of vape exploding and other cases, but we should not solely blame vape because there are many types of vape sold on the market. One type of vape that is safe is vape that has used a controller chip so that when vape is used excessively, vape will automatically turn itself off, but there are also types of vape that are lost without a controller, this vape is commonly known as a mechanical vape.