Recommend More Facts about the Bowling Venue at the 2018 Asian Games

The 2018 Asian Games will indeed be held soon. So, to organize the big sports event, there are many preparations made by the host, Indonesia. To see what the preparation is, you can visit jakarta palembang. Indeed, one of the preparations is about the venue for bowling.

There are some interesting facts from the venue, such as

– The bowling alley located at Jakabaring Sports City has a building area of ??4,200 square meters and stands very solidly on an area of ??2.8 hectares.

– There are 40 lines in the venue. more than the average amount owned by other bowling centers. In fact, more than the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea have 30 tracks.

– The capacity that is owned by the person who wants to watch this match is 600 people who are placed on the 2nd floor.

– The creation of this arena is estimated to cost 27 billion rupiahs.