How to Clean the Carpet on Your Own Way at Home

If you still have the doubt to choose the carpet cleaning service by simply visiting then you can keep this in mind. The way to clean the carpet also cannot be done carelessly. If done carelessly, your carpet must be damaged. The feathers will be pulled loose. Not to mention the musty smell left behind after washing. Make sure that you or other family members clean the stains as quickly as possible. Don’t let it linger. Do not immediately rub the brush because it will deepen the stain. Use carpet cleaning powder or can also use baking soda:


– Sprinkle the powder in large quantities onto the carpet.
– Leave for half an hour. Can also be allowed to stay overnight for maximum results. The smell and stains will be absorbed by the powder.
– Suck using a vacuum cleaner.

For sticky stains like the remnants of chewing gum, use ice cubes to harden the stains and then remove them from the carpet. For smelly stains, use a mixture of warm water given a little vinegar. Apply to the stain using a cloth.


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