Here are Some Types Of Bags And Their Functions That You Know About


For women, having one bag alone will not be enough for all the activities they do. usually, the bags they will use will vary between one activity and the other. So, to vote for them is to choose the right ladies briefcase and in accordance with their needs. This will make their appearance look perfect ladies briefcase and more attractive.

Different types of bags are usually used by women also have different sizes. The type and size will depend on the needs of the women themselves. Here are some types of bags and their functions according to the size of the bag.

1. Sling bag or cross bag, this type of bag only has one rope only. This bag is usually used only to lift light items. Because only use one shoulder only.

2. Bag Tote, this bag is a kind of handbag that is very good used for you who want to bring a lot of goods. Because the size of the tote bag is large and not too complicated.

3. Drawstring Bag, from the name alone we already know what kind of bag. Yes, this bag is a bag that has a string on the top cover to cover it. Just by pulling the two straps makes the bag closed.

4. Quilted Bag, is a kind of bag suitable for the formal event. Because the bag is sewn similar to the patchwork stitches. This type of bag is usually very interested in the socialite.

5. Clutch Bag, this bag type is just a handbag only. The shape is diverse. There are also equipped with a strap to add the impression of the handbag.

Of the five types of bags, the women just need to choose the most appropriate for their needs. Therefore, all types of bags will have different functions. This will make them have several options to use bags that fit the clothes and even the activities they do.