Side Effects Of Chemotherapy

One method of treatment is often done by cancer patients, ie with chemotherapy. Of course, careful consideration is required when a person with cancer decides to take chemotherapy. The reason does not close the possibility will arise one or more side effects of this treatment that may make cancer patients uncomfortable. So, how long chemotherapy effects begin to emerge after treatment? If you need information relating to cancer, how to handle it and so forth, you can visit hope4cancer reviews now.

Chemotherapy is widely known as a cancer treatment method that uses special drugs to kill cancer cells lodged in the body. The use of these drugs that often cause side effects on people who include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, hair loss, changes in the skin, decreased appetite, memory decline, emotional changes, fertility problems, and so forth.

Side effects of chemotherapy are certainly not always the same in every person. A cancer person may experience extreme pain after chemotherapy, while side effects that appear in other patients may not be too severe.

Actually, the side effects of chemotherapy are not always as bad as you might think. The process, the growth of cancer cells are relatively rapid, so chemotherapy drugs also have to work extra to kill the development of cancer cells. However, because these drugs spread throughout the body, it can easily affect other organs and cells that are still normal and healthy.

That is why the organs and other cells affected by chemotherapy will gradually weaken and damaged until finally cause side effects. Some normal cells that can be damaged by chemotherapy such as blood-forming cells in the spinal cord; hair follicles; and cells in the mouth area, digestive tract, and reproductive system.

While in organs, the effects of chemotherapy drugs can affect cells in the heart, kidneys, bladder, lungs, and nervous system. Thus, companion care is needed to relieve the side effects.

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